Rose cuttings step by step

A very simple, and I hope useful, guide to spread your favourite roses everywhere (I usually exchange mine with other rose lovers).

1. Chose a branch with a lot of new buds and cut it below one of them. Then divide it in cuttings with at least 4 buds each. The following pictures (even though in Italian) shows you how to make a proper cut below the bottom gem (which will go into the earth) and above the top one. Leave at least two branches of leaves for the photosynthesis .

The cut on top must me oblique (in the opposite direction to the leavesof the gem so as to make rain water flow down easily).

                                                           (photo found on the web)

2. Put the cuttings in some water to keep them fresh.

3. Prepare a pot with 50% of sand and 50% of soil, pour some water in it to make it wet and plant the cuttings.

It is fine to plant more than one cutting in the same pot. Remember to write the name of the rose, this will help you when it is ready to be transplanted.

4. Now that all the cuttings are ready, put them in a shady but bright place and remember to keep the soil wet (not too much, though): the right degree of humidity and light will help the new roots growing.
Now, what you need is patience......only time will tell you if have a new rose is born! (it will be when new buds nd leaves grow, but let it its time to become strong before transplanting it. I suggest to put it in a bigger pot before settling it down in the garden)

Good luck! Let me know if you use other methds to make rose cuttings :)


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